During a live soccer game, or in other parts of the world it is referred to as a ‘football game’, a dog wasn’t really interested in seeing the two teams go head-to-head. His sudden burst onto the field wasn’t even to chase the ball.

Instead, all this dog wanted was some love– in the form of belly rubs. As the televised game continued, the dog sprinted around the field ‘saying hi’ to the players. The commentators are in awe by his burst of energy and overall playfulness.

The team also seems pretty smitten with the dog as they gather around him with smiles on their faces. They don’t seem annoyed. In fact, they seem to welcome the much-need stress reliever.

Once the goalkeeper makes his way over to him, the sweet dog gives him a few sniffs, wags his tail then proceeds to lie on his back. It becomes obvious now what this dog is on the field for: BELLY RUBS!

The Lab mix, with puppy energy, runs happily around the field making sure each player gets a good look at him. It’s almost like he’s volunteering to be the team’s future mascot. And who can blame him? Belly rubs on-demand sound pretty darn good to me!

Press play on the video below to experience this adorable encounter. And if you’ve seen it before, watch it again. It’s the feel-good thing you need to brighten your day!