When Army Specialist Dakota Campbell was deployed in Kuwait, he had no idea that he’d end up meeting his best friend.

Campbell and his troop discovered a puppy, now named Bucky, who was extremely malnourished and infested with fleas, roaming the streets.

They decided to take him in and care for him, which ultimately wound up saving the puppy’s life.

While they didn’t have much, they cared for him the best they could with the resources they had.

They wrapped him in a blanket, which was a lot more comfortable for the pup to sleep in than the streets he was used to.

Unfortunately, a puppy was not allowed to stay on base, so Campbell had only a few hours to figure out what to do with the puppy before he would be forced to release him back onto the streets.

Campbell knew he couldn’t just let Bucky go and would never be able to live with himself if he did.

So, he contacted Paws of War, who paid for Bucky’s medical expenses and helped transport him back to the United States.

Since Campbell wouldn’t be back in the U.S. for another two months, Campbell’s mom took Bucky in until Campbell returned home.

When Campbell finally reunited with Bucky, Bucky had already grown so much, but was still just as loving. The two of them are now the best of friends and are completely inseparable!

Watch their journey in the video below: