On the outside, 25-year-old San Mateo County resident, Shelby Lujan, seems like an average dog owner. Unfortunately, Lujan proved to be just the opposite, and in fact, capable of allowing a dog to suffer immensely before seeking medical treatment. Authorities in California charged Lujan and her boyfriend, 29-year-old Paul Souter, with felony animal cruelty by neglect.

The couple’s dog, a 2-year-old Maltipoo named Sprocket, suffered third-degree burns over 40 percent of his tiny body. Souter told Lugan he “accidentally” spilled hot water from a cup of tea onto the dog. Neither Lujan nor Souter sought veterinary care for the dog, who had severe burns that became infected. Only after a 2-week period of time did they seek medical care for the dog. By that time, Sprocket had gone into shock and died within hours.

Source: Xuan Nguyen/Unsplash

According to a forensics examiner, it was determined the burns could not have come from a spilled cup of hot water, but that they were purposely inflected on the innocent pup. A San Mateo County Superior Court jury convicted both parties of felony animal cruelty. As of this writing, Souter and Lujan are out on bail and will return to court within a few months for sentencing.

Source: Joe/Unsplash

Unfortunately, the jury deadlocked on the intentional infliction of animal cruelty charge against Souter. Rest in peace, Sprocket.