The SPCA animal shelter in Lakeland, Florida, has introduced an innovative program to get more exposure for shelter dogs. Dubbed as the “Rent A Dog” program, this initiative allows people to rent a dog free of charge, and take them out for some fun and enrichment.


Source: ABC Action News/YouTube


This program is specifically targeted at people who are unable to adopt pets, or want to test whether they are ready to bring a pet home. The users can choose the pooch they want online, and take them out for 2 to 4-hour-long trips to the park, long walks, doggy treats, or any other fun activity.

So far, this program has been a major success in the community. The dogs get a much needed chance to break the monotony of the shelter life, while they also get a stronger chance at adoptions. The word-of-mouth by the renters is really going strong, and the SPCA hopes to expand this program across other shelters.


Source: ABC Action News/YouTube


A lot of parents have also used this program to see if their kids are ready for pets. We think this program is a genius idea and is one of the coolest initiatives for pet-welfare that we have seen in recent times. If you want to check out the dogs available under “Rent A Dog”, do visit their website – SPCA Florida Rent A Dog.

Click the video below to watch the personal experiences of two renters who had a great time with the shelter dogs!