Spike, a Pit Bull mix dog, was taken to Chicago Animal Care and Control (CACC) by his owner for the purpose of surrendering the “aggressive” dog. This video, obtained from the City of Chicago by “Better Government Association”, shows Spike being subjected to bone-chilling mistreatment by the pound staff.


Source: Better Government Association/YouTube


This surveillance cam footage shows several workers surrounding the terrified Spike, with some of them using catch poles and a tight chain to restrain him. Spike panics and starts writhing in fear, so the workers increase their force with the poles until the dog collapses motionless.

The workers then drag Spike’s limp body over to the kennel, leaving a trail of his bodily fluids behind. Spike died shortly thereafter, as his airflow was completely cut-off. As this appalling video went viral, pound officers claimed that they were only “disciplining” the “aggressive” dog under regular protocols.


Source: Better Government Association/YouTube


While this video evoked the rage of animal lovers worldwide, the workers managed to get away with 20-day suspensions. However, CACC claims that they have reviewed and strengthened their animal handling policies now. Spike’s disturbing death has left us in tears. Do you think the pound workers deserved a harsher punishment?

Click the video below to watch this surveillance video showing Spike’s horrific mistreatment that led to his eventual death.

WARNING: The contents of this video may be disturbing to some viewers.