Keeping squirrels off and away from bird feeders is one of the biggest problems bird lovers face. Despite attempts to deter, prevent, and stop squirrels from invading the food put out for birds, often times squirrels find a way to steal the food. One man attempted to cut down on a backyard bandit’s attempts to pilfer from the bird feeder.

Source: Rumble

The guy could not deal with one more day of the squirrel’s antics, so he set up a nifty preventative contraption and attached it near the bird feeder in his back yard. What he hoped would be a deterrent proved to be a challenge for the determined squirrel.

A wheel-type device is mounted to the bird feeder, and the squirrel soon realizes he’s got work ahead. Since the entire episode is captured on a backyard camera, we get to witness how the squirrel defeats the guy’s attempts to block him from the food.

Source: Rumble

Spinning the wheel results in the squirrel nearly falling off the bird feeder, but he recovers. His second attempt is hysterical, as he appears to be ‘driving’ the wheel. Finally, he goes up and under the wheel to get to the tasty treats.

With tears in our eyes from laughing so hard, the squirrel seems to stare into the camera while eating his treasure. You must watch this funny video below to see it for yourself. Talk about clever!