During the Christmas weekend in 2017, a woman named Pia was walking in the streets of Buenos Aires, Argentina, when she spotted a fragile, skeletal dog, abandoned and covered in sores all over, submissively waiting to die. Pia instantly knew she had to help him.



The dog was so weak that it didn’t seem like he would make it through the night. Pia broke down in tears, as she scooped the helpless dog, and rushed him to the vet. But by then, the dog’s spirit was already crushed with abandonment. He did not respond to any treatment, and stared listlessly with his dull eyes.

But Pia was not the one to give up. For the next 48 hours, she stayed by the dog’s side, coaxing him to eat and drink, and hold on to life with all his strength. Pia’s desperate prayers worked, as a miracle happened after Christmas Day, when the dog renewed his will to live!



Pia decided to bring out his survival instincts by calling him Hercules. After many sleepless and painful nights, Hercules surprised Pia as he stood on his own. . .  Keep reading

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