A poor Bulldog became victim to a prodigious baby lawyer’s first defense argument. If there ever was a case of a baby genius, this is it.



This baby began imitating the adults in the house and randomly started having conversations with the family’s Bulldog. Seeing this, his dad decided to film the baby’s antics and what resulted is this hilarious video of Baby V. Dog.



The video starts with the baby’s opening statement to the dog. It’s quite evident that the baby is saying, “I don’t know why I even trusted you. You let the neighbor’s kid get away so easily.” All this is in baby gibberish talk, of course.



As the baby argues his case, he gives adorable pauses, as if giving the dog a chance to reflect on his actions. The baby’s actions, pauses, turning around, and expressions are top-notch. The poor Bulldog’s expressions of hopelessness from being accused so much is pure comedy.

The baby closes his arguments saying, “You’re supposed to be MY best friend, not run away to play with Cindy next door.” The dog is so exasperated by this time, he simply gives up and plops himself on the couch. How adorable!



We love watching uninhibited friendships like this between dogs and toddlers. This is one video you do not want to miss!

Who do you think won this case? Baby or dog? Let us know in the comments section.

Click the video below to watch this fiery little baby lawyer in action!