Animals are brilliant creatures. They are so smart that they love copying what their human is doing, especially if the human’s activity looks like loads of fun.

Like this one snowy morning in Georgia, when a family decided to go sledding with their toddler to welcome the first snow of the season.

The dad was having fun sledding down the slope when a surprising turn of events took place. Their dog, who had been watching from the sidelines, suddenly wanted to sled too! The dog kept pawing at the dad, begging the dad to teach him how to sled. But then something even funnier happened – the dog decided to just hitch a ride with dad by clinging on to dad’s back!

At first, the dad, who was already sitting on the sled, signaled the doggo to come sit on his lap. But the goofy dog had other ideas and chose to piggyback ride instead and jumped onto his dad’s shoulders.

Caught unaware of the dog’s antics, the family burst out laughing. You can even hear the mom cracking up at the dog’s hysterics in the video.

After round one, the doggo was ready for another round! There are no boring moments with this dog around!

To watch the funny ride, see the video below.