Some dogs just love having a job and helping out whenever they can. After all, humans first domesticated dogs because they saw the huge value dogs added to their lives and how dogs can help humans in their daily activities. And to this day, dogs haven’t lost that trait. Take the dog in this video for example.



On a stormy Sunday night in Harderwijk, Netherlands, firefighters were struggling to pull down a tree that looked like a heavy risk and needed to be pulled down safely before it fell due to the storm and caused damage to life and property. As the brave men struggled, they suddenly felt someone tugging at the rope behind them, helping them pull the tree.



The firefighters turned around to see who was helping them, and to their pleasant surprise, it was a random brown dog. The dog’s owners were watching the men in action, when the dog decided the men needed his help, and jumped in. Almost instinctively, the dog began pulling the tree, and didn’t give up until the job was done!

The dog brought big smiles to the firefighters’ and crowd’s faces. He became a crowd favorite that night and received plenty of cheers, applause, and treats! What a good boy!

Click the video below to watch this good boy help pull down the tree.