Events like mugging or carjacking can be traumatic experiences. But this woman’s story goes a level beyond that.

In June 2015, a 26-year-old woman named Maria Williamson became the victim of a carjacking attempt in Mobile, Alabama. Before she could defend herself or call for help, the robber shot her in the face and fled.




Maria was rushed to the hospital where she underwent two emergency surgeries. It was a miracle that she even survived. Unfortunately, she lost her right eye to the incident. She was shattered and didn’t know how she would cope with life going forward.

Just when all hope seemed lost, something amazing happened. Maria’s boyfriend happened to come across a puppy up for adoption online. The puppy, named bear, was just 8-weeks-old and a mixed breed.



But here’s the incredible part. This puppy had also lost one of his eyes too. Apparently, an older dog had attacked him causing the injury.

Maria’s boyfriend instinctively knew this is what Maria needed in her life. He immediately wrote to the animal shelter – Animal Rescue Foundation – seeking a meeting between Maria and Bear. The shelter was more than happy to accommodate the request.



When they met, Maria instantly fell in love with Bear. The couple immediately adopted him. Maria says adopting Bear has made her appreciate life again and that they’re both survivors, not victims.



They’re both loving each other’s company and together they’re healing each other’s mental and emotional scars.

Click the video below to watch this amazing story!