The mountains of Taiwan are beautiful but dangerous terrain. Snare traps set up for wild animals often injure stray dogs. This is why the rescue group, Animals Taiwan, comes through during critical times. For one lucky dog, his life was saved because of the kindness of two animal lovers (and a tourist!)

The tourist snapped a photo of a stray dog, later named Sandy, nesting in a metal kiln and sent it to Sean McCormack, the founder of the Taipei-based rescue group.


Source: Facebook/Sean McCormack

“There’s a big problem in Taiwan with traps and snares,” McCormack told The Dodo. “Most of our rescues are dogs who have been maimed by one of these devices.” Sandy, sadly, fell victim to an animal snare and was badly injured.

McCormack knew he had to save the dog’s life but quickly realized that no road would get him there. The rescuer was in for a six-hour hike on foot… ONE WAY!

McCormack decided to reach out to a friend to aid him on his rescue mission. Ross Tweedie, co-owner of Taiwan Adventures, was happy to come along but was nervous for McCormack and his lack of experience.

“It’s a brutal hike,” Tweedie said. “It’s not one for beginners, and Sean was in the beginner category. He told me that he hadn’t done anything like that before.”

The two dog lovers made the hike and reached their destination, but then couldn’t find Sandy! Eventually, they found him hiding under a stack of chairs. He came out shyly, but clearly happy, wagging his tail. It’s as if he knew these two new friends were there to save him.

The duo took turns carrying the dog down the mountain. After reaching the bottom, McCormack and Tweedie brought Sandy to the closest vet. The vet amputated both front legs, saving the lucky dog’s life!

Facebook/Sean McCormack

Sandy will be fitted for prosthetics — and do great! In fact, a man that was following Sandy’s story on social media has already offered to adopt him. Once Sandy is medically cleared, he will go to his forever home.

How about some major cheers for animal lovers who go above and beyond to save a life? Tails are wagging!