After lots of rain had filled the pools of an abandoned waterpark, a couple of friends decided to venture inside and check it out. The teens thought they would be all alone, but they were about to learn that they were not. That’s when they saw two stray dogs trying to get their attention.

The strays approached the boys, and the teenagers were very hesitant at first. But it wasn’t long before they realized the dogs were trying to lead them somewhere. So they started following the concerned pups, and that’s when they saw it.

It turned out the strays just wanted someone to help their dog friend who had fallen into one of the pools and couldn’t get out. The dog was getting weak trying to keep afloat, and it was obvious he wouldn’t last much longer in there. One boy grabbed the dog and pulled him to safety, and all of the dogs were so thankful and grateful! If these boys didn’t happen to be there that day and at that time, the poor thing wouldn’t have made it.