Ellie Haworth has a dog that is addicted to her. No really, the dog is so obsessed with his owner that he won’t stop staring at her practically nonstop.

Haworth is a student who has been away at college for two months. When she came home for a family visit, her beloved pooch, Percy, was thrilled to see her again.

Source: Twitter/@ellhaworth

While out on a morning walk together, Haworth noticed Percy would not stop staring at her. He looked, looked again, and then fixated his gaze so he could keep her locked in his sights.

Haworth was laughing hysterically and wanted to preserve this moment, so she videotaped it all.

Source: Twitter/@ellhaworth

The dog is clearly hoping the girl is not abandoning him to go back to college. It’s that or he is so madly in love with her that he is gazing with love in her direction.

Take a peek at the video below. Is this puppy love? We sure think so!