Sally the dog has been stranded on the remote streets of Portales, New Mexico, for many years now. Recently, she found viral fame after a local Subway employee shared a touching clip of the dog waiting at their door in hopes of finding food. This sweet clip has earned her the nickname “Subway Sally”!


Source: @kxnuko/TikTok


In this video, the employee is seen offering a delicious platter of meat to Sally. He later explains that he and his co-workers always feed the starving dog whenever she visits. While this video was adored by most people, many started questioning the employee on why he hasn’t taken Sally to a shelter yet.

Frustrated at the online hate targeted at him and his colleagues, the employee later shared a follow up video explaining Sally’s situation in detail. Apparently, the nearest shelter is over 20 miles away. However, the employees are unwilling to take Sally there as it is a high-kill shelter.


Source: @kxnuko/TikTok


The employee says he lives in a poor town so when people can’t afford pet food, they sometimes just abandon their pet. He also explained that the other shop owners in the area also do their bit by grooming Sally and giving her a place to sleep.

As for the employee himself, he has 5 cats at home, which makes it impossible for him to adopt Sally. He hopes that this sweet dog finds a home to call her own. Until then, the locals have assured that they will keep caring for Subway Sally. Let’s get the word out for this homeless dog and help her find a forever home!

Click the video below to watch Subway Sally’s adorable visit to her favorite restaurant!