This story is making headlines for many reasons. It’s informative, tragic, and totally outlandish. For some people, sadly, their sense of entitlement outweighs their common sense. And their sense of decency.

While a disabled woman took a rest at Disneyland with her service dog tucked nicely beneath her chair, a small child and her father came close by, wanting to “pet the doggy.” The woman nicely explained that the dog was working and petting him was not allowed.

video source/reddit

Instead of respecting this, the father continued to approach, waving at the dog. Again, the woman nicely said that the little girl could not interact with her service dog. Diverting her dog’s attention could be potentially fatal for her; this dog on duty is there to protect her, not entertain children. The couple’s response was incredibly cruel. See for yourself:

Woman in wheelchair at Disney asks this father not to encourage his children to distract her service dog and even says she is uncomfortable. Parents don’t care, begin to insult and record the woman, going so far as to mock her disability. from trashy

The couple turns to name calling all because someone politely said ‘no’ to their child. And rightfully so!

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There is a serious lesson here to be learned and to be taught: Service dogs are working and should never be distracted. Would you interrupt a doctor while treating a patient? How about a police officer while on active duty? Would you ask the officer to stop mid shift and hang out with your kid? Distracting this dog and harassing his charge should be illegal. Maybe sharing this story will finally get through to the public.

video source/Reddit

Service dogs are NOT pets and are not in public places for entertainment. Even a pet dog should not be approached without the owner’s permission. People are allowed to say ‘no’ and be respected. Not torn apart. Shame on you, Disneyland couple. Shame. On. You.