If dogs are man’s best friend then why do they have to do stuff like this?!

No, seriously. Dogs have a way of pushing our buttons where we want to laugh and cry at the same time. But we love them so much anyway. This seems to be a familiar pattern as a parent to humans as well. Hmmm.

How could anyone not consider their dogs their kids? Absurd! A nice man who is obviously a very good pet-parent goes out of his way to ensure his dog, Stella, is safe at all times. He repairs their wooden fence outside like a champ! He’s so proud of his accomplishment that he films it, ready to post to his social media page. But then something happened he least expected.

I won’t give it away. That would be cruel. But I will say, again, that dogs really know JUST HOW TO PUSH OUR BUTTONS. I am sure this man laughed and cried but then in the end realized he loves Stella no matter what she does. Gotta love that!