Cesur the dog wandered off every morning by himself, but eventually would return home. His owner, Ali, grew curious of where Cesur kept wandering off to, so he decided to follow him one day.

He was shocked when he saw Cesur walk toward a graveyard and head straight for the grave of his previous owner, Mehmet Ilhan. It turns out that Ilhan had recently passed away, and his son Ali now takes care of Cesur. But Cesur clearly hasn’t forgotten his beloved human and still misses him dearly.

Mehmet was 77 years old and had been paralyzed for many years when he adopted Cesur. Mehmet was lonely and Cesur gave him the companionship that he had been longing for. For the next two years, Mehmet and Cesur were inseparable. They were the best of friends and had a bond like no other.

So you could imagine the heart-break that Cesur felt when his human passed away. Before he passed, Mehmet was in the hospital for a few days, and Cesur was so upset without him that he stopped eating.

During Mehmet’s funeral, Cesur led the procession to a mosque, and then to the cemetery where Mehmet would be buried. Cesur stood by his human’s coffin the entire time.

And Cesur continues to visit Mehmet at the cemetery to this day!