Parents are often warned of the various dangers of letting pets around little babies. But this charming video breaks that stereotype, as we see 8-month-old Ella adorably frolicking around with her harmless Golden Retriever puppy.

In this video, we see the 2-month-old puppy curiously approach the little girl sitting on an outdoor deck. The puppy is a live-wire, as we see him bouncing around her, running in circles and inviting her to play!

Ella is amused by the pup, and breaks into gleeful giggles, as she lets the puppy nuzzle up against her face and lick her. The delightfully energetic puppy keeps his tail-wags going, urging Ella to play, and she finally decides to join in his romp.

Ella squeals in delight as she hugs the puppy, and rolls with him on the floor. Together, they look like two harmless little angels, getting a perfect start to a lifelong friendship. This precious video has uplifted our spirits today. What a beautiful baby-and-puppy love!

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Click the video below to watch baby Ella and her little puppy’s adorable play-time!