Desperate times call for desperate measures, but that doesn’t mean people and pets can’t have some fun. Over in Malaysia, folks are on a “movement control order” and asked to stay inside. They can, however, walk their dogs to do their business and go to the grocery store.

One man decided to make folks laugh and provide a smile by walking his Beagle in the most unusual way. Instead of just going outside in his everyday apparel, the guy donned a dinosaur costume!

Source: Samantha Wilhelmina/Facebook

He kept social distancing in mind and put his pooch on a leash. Anyone who saw the costumed Tyrannosaurus Rex walking by with his dog certainly laughed aloud.

According to the person who shared the video to Facebook, Samantha Wilhelmina, the “T. Rex” and his Beagle went strolling at Taman Hilltop in Kota Kinabalu in Malaysia.

Source: Samantha Wilhelmina/Facebook

Now that’s one way to brighten the spirits of your cooped-up neighbors. By the look on the dog’s face, he must be used to his silly owner’s antics.

Press play on the video below to see the hilarious clip.