Top Dog Discipline, Dog Demonstrates Tactical Defense Abilities
Pretty much everyone knows just how critical German Shepherds can be to law enforcement, with many filling K9 roles, but some animals are superior in their duty as a tactical assistant.

That’s the case with the dog in this video making its rounds on the Internet. He is part of the “K9 Lenin” squad, promoted on a YouTube channel. In this video, the dog demonstrates a discipline and skills that must have taken a ton of training to master.

The video shows a mock face-off between two people. Immediately, the dog appears at his master’s side…then, between his legs, matching step for step.

The dog continues to mimic the master’s moves, even lying down when the master takes one knee, staying between the legs when the master peeks around corners of vehicles in a search mission.

The dog even remains in position when the master shoots a weapon. He follows commands and only moves when summoned. It’s impressive on every level.