Rescue Ink is a bunch of brawny, tattooed bikers masquerading around the city as the protectors and saviors of abused pets. These crusaders come from different walks of life, from bodybuilders to ex-military to even lawyers. But their one true mission is to fight animal cruelty and abuse.


Source: Guideposts/YouTube


Every day, these bulked-up tough guys turn into justice-seeking softies at the sight of abused and neglected pets. Together, they confront abusive owners and often convince them into surrendering the pet. They even have their own reality TV show that helps them reach out to the masses.

Over the years, this rescue gang has saved countless pets from fighting rings, breeders, serial killers of homeless animals, apart from the other run-of-the-mill abuse cases. They take assistance from the police whenever required and strictly stay within legal parameters.


Source: barbaragouka/YouTube


Rescue Ink believes that sadistic abusers must be stopped in their tracks. Sometimes, the members also help out the poor pet-owners financially. Their selfless acts have earned them enough “street cred” to be hailed as superheroes by the people!

Click the video below to watch these hardcore animal lovers give a tough-talk about abusers.