The San Bernardino County Fire Department received an emergency call about a man and a dog being stuck inside a 6-feet deep tunnel. By the time the crew arrived at the property, the man had swiveled himself out of the suffocating hole. However, his German Shepherd, Taylor, was still stranded inside.


Source: Caters_News/Rumble


In this video, we see the fire crew peeping into the hole and coaxing Taylor to come toward them. But they are in for a major surprise when they spot another creature crawling ahead of Taylor from beneath the hole. Before we know it, Taylor is stuck at the mouth of the tunnel with his tortoise buddy, Godzilla!


Source: San Bernardino County Fire/Facebook


The rescuers are faced with a huge challenge as they try to rescue the entangled pair from the tunnel. Soon, it becomes clear that Taylor’s body cannot be squeezed out of the hole by any means. Seeing no other option, the rescuers begin luring the 70-pound tortoise out with lettuce leaves! After some struggle, they manage to get both Godzilla and Taylor out of that tight tunnel!


Source: Caters_News/Rumble


Later, Taylor’s owner revealed that his dog and the tortoise are inseparable mates. Godzilla was apparently digging the tunnel for days, so Taylor willingly volunteered to be his partner in crime. Seeing that the rescuers retrieved a snug little doggie blanket from the tunnel, we can certainly say that these odd buddies love their “underground bunker” to bits!

Click the video below to watch Taylor and Godzilla’s hilarious rescue from the tunnel!