It’s sickening when you trust someone whole-heartedly and they do the unthinkable. That’s exactly what happened to these dog owners and their precious pups.

Texas police are investigating a deliberate act involving a dog trainer, Sherry Ann Taylor, who purposely left three innocent animals inside her car, locked up inside, in sweltering temperatures.

The three dogs were ‘service dogs in training’. One of the victims that died in the trainer’s car is Vinny. Vinny the Pomeranian was training to be a service dog to owner Brooke King. Brooke suffers from anxiety and depression. Vinny helped her severe symptoms, that can be incredibly debilitating, by keeping her calm.

Vinny was technically already a service dog to Brooke since he did a very good job at calming her down but she wanted him to have advanced training to behave himself better in public settings.

Brooke hired the Taylor, trusting her with her best friend. Sadly, it turned out she wasn’t to be trusted at all.

Another victim, a Bull Mastiff, was in the midst of advanced training to help his veteran owner cope with his PTSD.

Being that dog trainers should be well-versed in all things animals, she should know that a hot car is a dangerous place to leave the three dogs.

What makes things worse is that she left the dogs in the hot car just to have a conversation with a friend.

The friend, ironically, works at a vet’s office– a place that certainly allows dogs inside!

Source: CBSDFW/YouTub

Taylor claims that her car is equipped with a sensor that tells her if the car is too hot but on this particular day, the sensor malfunctioned. Are you buying that story? Let us know in the comment section!