A groomer, grieving pet parents, and a deceased dog are at the center of several lawsuits taking place in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. After taking their small 12-year-old dog, Teddy, to Doggie Style Pets, former customers Arielle Roemer, Aaron Kaplowitz, and Steve Romer say he passed away.

Steven Roemer dropped his two dogs off for grooming at Doggie Style Pets in Narbeth, Pennsylvania. Later that day, he stopped back and picked up the dogs, with store video showing the man leaving the business with his pets.

Source: Александр Гросс/Unsplash

According to Teddy’s owners, their veterinarian confirmed he died from neck injuries. They claim Doggie Style’s groomer tied a loop too tight around the dog’s neck in order to keep Teddy in place.

Doggie Style’s owner, Howard Nelson, says their business has suffered due to bad-mouthing by Teddy’s owners. They, too, filed a lawsuit against the deceased dog’s owners.

According to the lawsuit filed by Teddy’s owners, their dog did not have his regular groomer that day. Instead, the lawsuit says, “his passion was not dog grooming, but professional wrestling.” They also claim the dog could not walk or stand and the vet confirmed he died from fluid in the lungs.

Source: Treddy Chen/Unsplash

Paul Rosen, chairman at Spector Gadon Rosen Vinci, who is representing the Roemer family, shared, “After the Roemer family saw their beloved dog Teddy die a terrible death-by-choking due to neck trauma during his grooming, Doggie Style, with full knowledge of its culpability, began an unconscionable campaign to publicly blame the Roemer family for Teddy’s death to protect its sales and profitability.”

Video footage from the moment Teddy’s owner arrived to pick up his dogs can be seen below. We extend our deepest condolences to Teddy’s family on their tragic loss.