Gary the Boxer is having a rough start to his new year. The sweet dog picked up a lit firecracker in his yard and it exploded in his mouth. Even more disturbing, the lit firecracker was thrown over the fence by two teenagers.

Source: NBC 2

The terrifying incident took place on New Year’s Eve 2018 in a backyard located in Charlotte County, Florida. The dog’s owner, Tanya McNorrill, said she took the dog outside before heading to a friend’s party for the evening. At that moment, the passersby tossed the item into her yard and that’s when the injury occurred to her dog.

In an interview with NBC News 2, McNorrill said, “It appears that he ran over and picked up what they threw over the fence and when he picked it up not knowing it was a firework, it blew up in his mouth. I think it was malicious.”

Source: NBC 2

She rushed the dog to the emergency veterinarian, where Gary spent two days. He was treated for an ear injury, tooth injury, and he shakes his head a lot from the ringing in his ears. He will need further surgery, and his owner already spent over $2,000 to help her pooch.

Nearby neighbors have security cameras, which are currently being reviewed with the hope of finding out who did this to an innocent dog.  Always keep a close eye on your dogs outside. Watch the unfolding story in the video below. WBBH News for Fort Myers, Cape Coral & Naples, Florida