A tiny Chihuahua named Chunky loved and trusted humans more than anything in the world. But his trust was shattered when a group of 3 teenagers abducted and tortured him for their personal amusement.


Source: SWNS/RSPCA/Metro UK


The teens were under the influence of drugs and they even force-fed some drugs to Chunky. Then, they took turns punching and kicking the innocent dog– and even broke his leg and neck in the process. The entire ordeal continued for hours.

When they were done, they used a deodorant can to set the dog on fire. Then, they dumped him and left him to die in the trash. Chunky was found and rescued after this barbaric assault and was rushed to the hospital. After intensive care and therapy, Chunky miraculously survived.


Source: SWNS/RSPCA/Metro UK


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