The winter months can be brutal for us all! Especially for animals who need lots of exercise. That is why we must get creative. In my house, the dogs like to play lots (and lots) of fetch in our living room. My kids have an indoor basketball hoop they play within the basement. We all need to stay active to prevent cabin fever!

For these (ADORABLE!) rescued miniature horses, having a round of fun is extra special. They came from a home where they were neglected and spent much of the time unhappy. But look at them now! Not only are they having the time of their lives, but they are also doing so with adorable coats on and a doggy by their side.

Source: Storyful

When the horses, being egged on by their doggy friend, come darting around the corner, their human laughs hysterically. Alicia says, “We’re never getting any work done today.” Then laughs some more 🙂

Source: Storyful

After they ’round the corner, a newcomer enters the race out of nowhere! It is so cute, I had to rewatch it twice! Aren’t animals the best?!

This video needs to stay on repeat. Forever.