Deputies in Lee County have initiated an investigation after a doorbell surveillance video from Lehigh Acres cropped up showing a man repeatedly hitting and abusing his own service dog. The video went viral after it was posted online, and the outraged public is now demanding justice for the poor dog.

Source: NBC2

This video shows the man tackling the dog down to the ground and punching him repeatedly with closed fists at least 3 times. The authorities are extremely worried about the condition of the dog, and have asked the public to share any information they have on the whereabouts of the abuser or the dog. Spread the word.

Update: Deputies have identified and arrested a 28-year-old suspect named Joshua Schlotmann. The 9-month-old dog, Thanos, is Joshua’s therapy dog for PTSD. However, Joshua never got him trained as a proper service dog. Neighbors had noticed Thanos appearing more scared and skinny just days before this video popped up.

Source: NBC2 | Lee County Sheriff’s Office/Facebook

Joshua is now in Lee County Jail on felony abuse charges of Aggravated Animal Cruelty, and will be dealt with in the court accordingly. Thanos is under the care of Lee County Domestic Animal Services. He is currently not available for adoption. We hope this case is properly investigated and Joshua receives a strict sentence for his unforgivable act of abuse.

Click the video below to watch the footage of Joshua abusing the dog.

WARNING: The contents of this video may be disturbing to some viewers.