Let’s be honest, watching the weather forecast can sometimes be a bit of a snooze. 

People often zone out during this time, but imagine if dogs were a part of it.

dogs at home

That would be the perfect addition to keep people both well informed and entertained.

dogs at home

Meet Storm, a lovely floof ball that is owned by the weatherman. In the video, you’ll see how he tried to play it cool when Storm started walking towards the green screen and plopped down as if nothing happened.

Watch the video to see how they handled this paw-rfectly acceptable interruption.

@paws_of_tiktokStorm is rolling down the street!! 😅😂🤗 #paws_of_tiktok #pawsoftiktok #workfromhomewithpets #workfromhomepets #workfromhome #🐾 #🐾❤♬ original sound - 🐾 Yiota 🐾