We love our inter-species animal friendships. From monkeys to dogs to cats to kangaroos to lions, and even bears. We don’t think that there are many animals dogs can’t get along with. They just have such open and winning personalities, who wouldn’t want to be their friends?

This cute piglet sure wants to become friends with Levi, a pit bull terrier. They both live on a beautiful PIGS Animal Sanctuary in Virginia, and were introduced to each other by their loving human. Boy, are we glad they got introduced.

Pigalina, the cute piglet, was rejected by her litter, but Levi will now be taking care of her. These two besties love to interact and play with each other on the open farmland, and although Levi looks very calm in this video she’s mostly sleeping she does care for Pigalina.

The little piglet can’t get enough of her new friend! How cute!