Living with a disability is not an easy task. The constant feeling of dependence can easily lead to depression and social isolation. “Through a Dog’s Eyes” is a documentary focusing on the role of dogs in the life of people with disabilities.



In this short preview video of the documentary, we get to peep into the lives of many disability-ridden people. Some have been in the wheelchair after an accident, while some are dealing with impairing medical conditions.

It is especially heartbreaking to see kids with cerebral palsy struggling to go about their daily tasks. Their parents also have a hard time balancing their work and the special needs of their kids.



This is where service dogs come in as a ray of hope for these people. Through the help of these dogs, the disabled people are able to reclaim their independence to a large extent, and also gain a lifelong friend!



We are given a glimpse into how tiny newborn puppies are taken under the wings of training organizations. They raise these puppies with love and care, while training them to become that one perfect companion who will change their owner’s life. These canine assistants are truly angels in disguise!

Click the video below to watch the lives of people with disabilities change for the better with the help of assistance dogs!