The Humane Rescue Alliance received a call about a puppy lying in the gutter. In the condition this puppy was in, he didn’t even look like a dog, rather a pile of bones. Rescuers said when they got to the scene, he was so sickly that he didn’t look alive. They were sure that he only had a short window until he passed.

They rushed him to an emergency animal hospital in the D.C. area. The puppy only weighed 15 lbs. At his age, and his breed, he should have been at least twice that. The vet did all he could to keep him alive.

After 3 days of IV treatment, medication and close monitoring, he was transferred to a special foster home. His foster mom explains that when he first arrived, he was extremely weak. He just laid there with his droopy ears and droopy tail. He was sad and sick. It was a devastating sight.

His mom says that by the fourth day, his ears perked up and he began to wag his tail. These were excellent signs!

By the end of his first week with his foster family, he was able to stand on his own. Can you imagine what that was like? Seeing him stand on his own for the first time in so long? Incredible!

The puppy continued to get better and better! A week later, he was all about toys. He likely never saw a toy before! Now he had his pick! He loved to hear them squeak!

The puppy was so excited to play with his new foster brother. He couldn’t wait to get out of his crate and take hold of the other side of the toy.

A week later, the little guy was able to take a short walk. He even held his leash in his mouth as if he’s saying, “I’m ready to go! Come on!” ADORABLE!

In two miraculous months, this once near-death dog looked healthy! His coat was coming in thick and shiny. He had massive amounts of puppy energy. It truly was incredible to see.

In the blink of an eye, once the pup was medically cleared, he found a new family. His mom, a tattoo artist, fell head over heels for the dog, now named Tig. He now has two siblings and is thrilled to be in his new home. His mom is amazed that despite all he had been through and how poorly he was treated, he is so loving.

Tig’s transformation will knock you off your feet. Check out The Dodo’s video below! We are so grateful Tig was found when he was and is living his best life.