A giant Pit Bull named Hulk recently fathered a big litter of puppies. This video captures a bunch of their adorable moments, as the puppies learn to swim for the first time with the help of their human.



The bathtub is nicely set up, as Hulk gets his puppies ready to go for their first swim. He preps them up, but they still seem shy and scared. Tigger is the first of the puppies to be called out for the swimming lesson.

This video captures the first tense moments as Tigger comes in contact with water. He is camera and water-shy, but he quickly takes to the warm water, and learns to stay afloat. He is then overcome with a natural instinct to paddle, and he looks way too adorable doing that!



Then, it is the turn of the rest of his siblings. They are all apprehensive at first, but soon learn to splash and swim in the little bathtub. The puppies’ owner, Marlon Grennan, dedicatedly trains them, as he believes that swimming is a life-saving skill that every dog must learn.



These puppies are such fast learners, we have no doubt that they’ll be swimming like mermaids in no time. Watch this soothing, adorable video to the end, and we bet it’ll make you forget all your stresses!

Click the video below to watch these cute puppies get their first swimming lesson!