Grooming visits are a part of many pet parents’ lives, as groomers help keep dogs bathed, clipped, and smelling good. When a woman from California dropped her Yorkshire Terrier off at the groomer’s recently, she asked her father if he would be so kind as to pick the dog up. The man agreed, and once the dog was ready, he drove to the salon to get him. What happened next is making dog lovers laugh in hysterics on social media.

The dog’s owner, who goes by the name @Womangineer on TikTok, says she told her father to pick up Gucci, her adorable Yorkie. Her dad went to the salon, got the dog, and sent a few photos to his daughter so she could see the result. The man was proud of the way Gucci looked, so he wanted his daughter to see. At that moment, the dog mom realized her father walked out of the shop with the wrong dog!

Source: @Womangineer/TikTok

She quickly told her father that the dog did not belong to her, so he had to go back to the shop and get the real pooch. “My dad is NEVER picking him up from grooming again,” she shared with her TikTok video. Dog lovers were in hysterics when they found out what the guy did, and they left a variety of funny comments on the post. Womangineer posted another video to appease her followers and captioned it, “PART 2 Gucci is back, my dad is not.”

Source: @Womangineer/TikTok

All is well, and Gucci is back where he belongs. In terms of the woman’s father, it looks like he will never be allowed to pick the tiny Terrier up from the grooming salon ever again. Press play on the hilarious TikTok video below.

Source: @Womangineer/TikTok

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