A scared homeless dog was seen wandering the streets, but luckily rescuers from Howl Of A Dog came to save her.

But it would be a lot more difficult than they thought. She was very nervous and also close to a busy road, so rescuers were worried that she would dart into traffic if they got too close to her.

The nervous pup wandered down the street and tried hiding from rescuers. She wanted to be saved, but she couldn’t decide if she was able to trust them.

She reluctantly took some treats that rescuers had placed near her, but she kept backing away. Eventually, she ran up on the forest road and ran into the woods to hide. While it seemed frustrating that she kept evading them, at least she was now away from traffic.

While in the bushes, she felt more comfortable and finally allowed rescuers to get closer to her and gain her trust. They carried the sweet pup to their car and named her Tina.

She was so very sweet and accepted pets from her rescuers. She was immediately brought to a nearby vet clinic, where she was scanned for a microchip but unfortunately didn’t have one.

The vet examined her and gave her a blood test for further testing. By looking at her, vets noticed her runny nose and eye discharge, symptoms of canine distemper, but luckily she was negative for it.

Aside from those ailments, her fur was also badly matted, and she was covered in fleas and ticks. They removed them and gave her a much-needed medicated bath, which helped her feel like a brand new dog.

Tina continued treatment for her eye infection, which has since cleared up. She is in great health and is so much happier now. The only thing missing is a forever family! She is currently still being cared for by Howl Of A Dog, but is patiently waiting for a family to adopt her.

She is estimated to be around three years old and she is extremely friendly. She loves going for walks and playing with toys. She also gets along great with other dogs.

If you’re interested in adopting Tina, visit www.howlofadog.org.