Officers in Stark County, Ohio, received a distress call from a laundromat service, with the caller claiming that a trailer park resident was “acting off” and planning to “self-euthanize” her dogs. When the cops arrived, they found two German Shepherds in dying condition.


Source: DanaTentis/Pixabay | PxHere


As it turns out, the woman had injected her 2 German Shepherds with a heavy dose of insulin. Investigations revealed her dogs were in a fight with another dog in the trailer park, which prompted the trailer park manager to take “strict actions”. The manager demanded the woman to get her dogs euthanized within 24 hours, and also bring photos as proof. Help the cops track this woman. Spread the word.

Update:  Cops have tracked down the woman, named Tisha. Apparently, she was distressed as she didn’t know how to deal with the situation. She had no money to get the dogs euthanized, so she started looking up for self-euthanization options on the internet. Tisha zeroed in on insulin overdose. One of the dogs later convulsed violently and died of the overdose. The surviving dog is now with the Stark County Humane Society.


Source: Stark County Sheriff’s Office/Facebook


Tisha was arrested, but later released on a $25000 bond. Her arraignment proceeding is set at a later date. Meanwhile, many people have voiced their concerns over the park manager’s coercive action over the resident. Do you think the park manager should face charges for their abusive use for power? Let us know in the comments.