Cops in Maple Shade, New Jersey, are looking for one William Stroemel, who is accused of fatally shooting his neighbor’s 7-pound Poodle-Pomeranian mix named Toby. Toby was the PTSD and depression support dog of 72-year-old Vietnam War veteran Bob Cook.

Initially, Bob’s family thought that Toby was hit by a car as they had found the dog screeching in pain on the sidewalk. But later, the vet found a bullet lodged in the pooch’s head. The vet eventually had to euthanize Toby owing to his severe brain injury. Bob and his family are still struggling with Toby’s untimely death, and have requested the people to help the cops find William. Spread the word.

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Source: CBS Philly/YouTube

William, 64, was initially charged with animal cruelty, but now faces the elevated charges of weapon offences and concealment of evidence too. We hope that he receives the strictest sentence for this unforgivable crime. Our hearts go out to Bob and his family during their time of grief. We pray that you rest in peace, sweet Toby.

Update: The Maple Shade police have successfully tracked and arrested William Stroemel. The cops were able to track him after he tried to get rid of the air rifle that he used to shoot Toby. Locals have admitted that William is a loner and holds a wild reputation in the neighborhood. However, no one expected him to kill a dog that posed no threat to him.

Click the video below to watch a recent report on the details of the arrest made by the cops.