Many dogs are afraid of loud sounds including the noise of a thunderstorm. Pups don’t understand what the sound is and they just want it to go away. Some dogs hide behind chairs, under a bed, or even in a laundry room or bathtub trying to escape the sounds.

One of these pups has gone viral, as he tried to get away during the thunderstorm and find a safe place to hide in his owner’s house. When the owner went looking for the Golden Retriever, there he was inside the laundry room curled up by the dryer.

Source: @Cory__1077/Twitter

This petrified pooch wasn’t alone, as a sweet toddler decided to comfort the animal. The child is seen wearing a diaper and sitting right next to his furry friend. He cuddles him, pats him, gives him hugs, and provides comforting words.

The precious one-minute video was shared on Twitter where dog lovers rejoiced and gushed over the scene.

Source: @Cory__1077/Twitter

“Sometimes we adults need lessons from the children,” @blu_audrey23 Tweeted.

“So sweet and beautiful that it made me cry,” @JennyDinVa shared.

You’ve got to see this duo for yourself by pressing play on the video below with the volume on. We are smitten!