When rescuers found Tony, they weren’t convinced he would make it. A tragic accident had amputated his leg and badly wounded his face. The Animal Aid rescue team had to act swiftly and get him into surgery.

With the dedicated medical team, Tony was in good hands. They anesthetized him so he slept soundly as they removed his mangled leg. They cleaned out his other wound and dressed him with clean bandages. He also received plenty of pain medication (and kisses from his caregivers!)

Tony had to rest in a kennel for a few days to ensure that he didn’t hurt himself while the most important part of healing began. While inside his kennel, he slept a lot but his caregivers worried he was lonely. So they brought him some visitors. The cutest kind of visitors imaginable! PUPPIES!

The hoard of puppies fell in love with Tony. They could tell he was a kind soul who needed lots of TLC to heal. As soon as Tony was healthy enough to leave the kennel, the puppies were able to get up close and personal.

That’s when Tony began to heal even faster! There was just something about all that puppy love that sent his immune system into overdrive. Tony recovered in half the time the veterinarian anticipated!

Isn’t this proof that puppy love really does exist?

Watch the adorable video (posted below) where the puppies finally meet Tony in the play area. To say it’s adorable is a vast understatement!