An ordinary trip to the Detroit Zoo turned into a day Rick Swope will never forget. Swope came upon the chimpanzee exhibit and was enthralled by two chimps ‘playing’. Upon closer observation, Swope realized one chimp was actually chasing the other in an aggressive manner. Then the chimp being chased lost his balance and fell into the water beneath.

The incident was caught on the zoo’s surveillance cameras. Shockingly there wasn’t a single zookeeper in sight who could help. The chimp was quickly overwhelmed as the water overtook his body. The chimp, named JoJo, couldn’t swim.

Swope’s gut screamed that he had no other choice but to break the zoo’s safety rules. He dove into the water inside the enclosure and rescued the drowning chimp.

Swope claims that the whole incident was heartbreaking. He told news outlets that JoJo had his hands up and his little head was sticking out above the water. He looked on at the crowd in desperation like he knew he needed help and but no one stepped forward.

Just as Swope ran over to the chimp and pulled him from the water, he slipped back in. Swope had to drag him to the shoreline again.

Then the aggressive chimp came barreling down the hill towards Swope bearing his teeth. Swope knew he didn’t have much time. Now that the drowning chimp was safe, he had to get out of there.

The hero left the rescued chimp and ran full tilt out of the enclosure. His good deed was done and now it was time to get to safety.

Swope got a huge round of applause from the crowd. Would you have risked your own safety to save this innocent animal in need? Let us know in the comment section!