When Truffles was adopted from the Brookhaven Shelter in New York back in 2013, she thought she was saying goodbye to that place forever.

But sadly, she ended up back at the shelter this year after her owner was unable to care for her any longer.

Luckily, she saw a family face and recognized shelter volunteer Valerie Sanks immediately. She showered her with kisses and was happy to see her again, but was not happy to be back at the shelter.

Truffles tenth birthday was coming up, and Sanks knew she wanted to do something special for the sweet pooch, so she decided to give Truffles a birthday party that she’d never forget.

Since Truffles has bad allergies and isn’t able to have many treats, and doesn’t really like toys, Sanks thought birthday cards would be a great gift. She posted on social media, asking people to send Truffles cards.

People from all over the world fell in love with Truffles and mailed her loving birthday cards.

Sanks booked a hotel room and decorated it as a princess theme for Truffles as she read her all of her birthday cards from all of her fans.

Truffles even got a birthday cake that was made out of canned dog food and shaped like a bone. Truffles was so happy and rolled around on the bed as if she was still a puppy.

Sanks also took Truffles for car rides, sang to her, cuddled with her and reminded her just how much she is loved.

But it gets even better.

After her birthday party, Truffles went to the SPCA Jefferson County, a smaller shelter. After being there for just one week, she found a loving forever home!

Watch a recap of Truffle’s tenth birthday party in the video below: