Sometimes you just can’t stop love. And why should you? If you’re so lucky to have a dog who instantly bonds with another, you should try to nurture that bond. Whether it’s through play dates or actual adoption, dog owners should recognize the importance of companionship. It’s not too often a dog immediately connects with another the way Rogue connected with Beast.

Rogue, a young Terrier Mix rescue dog, was the little sister to two senior cats when she and her mom, Bethany Coleman, first met Beast at a local farmer’s market. Despite Bethany’s apprehension to getting another pet in the house, it was hard to say no when she saw the excitement in Rogue. Beast was the spitting image of Rogue! And, he needed a home.

Beast was up for adoption from a local shelter. As soon as Rogue laid eyes on him, Bethany knew what she was in for. A new family member! She called her other half and gave him the news. The rest is history. Now the two fight and love just like a real brother and sister duo. They are always together and they are the best of friends.


Rogue and Beast are thunder buddies for life all because Bethany gave in, and I bet she’s glad she did. If you see that your dog bonds with another who needs a home, I say go for it! Two dogs are ALWAYS better than one!