Getting engaged is a big deal. It’s a milestone in life that most of us take very seriously. Some couples choose to go the traditional route… fine dining with candlelight or a nice quiet sunset on the beach as the backdrop.

However, with the trend of unique wedding proposals being shared on social media and getting massive views and shares, there’s certainly an incentive to be as unusual as possible.

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A story has been circulating across Facebook involving a specific dairy farmer who decided to pop the question using his favorite cow. One would assume that the ring would then be tied around the cow’s neck or attached to an old fashion cowbell.

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But no. That would be too traditional we guess. So instead, this dairy farmer attached the ring to the cow’s teat before getting on one knee and popping the question.

The couple, whose identity is still a mystery, shared the photo on Facebook where it was then picked up by the Facebook group “That’s it I’m Ring Shaming: The Wreckoning”. This specific FB group is notorious for hilariously mocking all the creative ways people get engaged (and we kind of love it).

Seriously, the photo is EPIC.

Source: That’s It, I’m Ring Shaming: The Wreckoning/Facebook

And the comments are AMAZING:

“Shaming the ring and the whole photoshoot, The person is a farmer. Still doesn’t excuse his bad taste. And is this considered a nipple ring? Also, the band is thicker than the center stone.”

“If my eyeballs are forced to suffer through this nonsense I’m dragging everyone down with me.”

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“Oh my god. How big is your finger that you can fit your ring on a teat? And boy, there are so many better ways to show off you’re in dairy.”

“This is the worst thing I’ve ever seen in my whole life ever and I’ve watched Friends six times.”


What do you think about this “udderly” unique proposal? Tasteless? Hilarious? Cruel? Funny? We’re pretty sure whatever us humans think, the cow wasn’t a-MOO-zed at all!


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