Tyler Hudson is a dog dad who claims to have a lot in common with his pooch. In a popular video he posted to YouTube, he says, “We are both unemployed, we both poop twice a day…he eats when I eat, he naps when I nap.”

Hudson isn’t alone in his sentiments, as any true dog lover can attest. Dogs are sometimes the brightest light in our days, and they are steadfastly loyal to us 24/7/365.

Source: YouTube

The Youtuber decided to shoot a video that talks about all the similarities he and his dog share, but then he starts to ponder. The questions he asks are the ones millions of dog owners probably are thinking, too.

“What if Mosby had to get a job?” It’s a real question and Hudson thinks it through before coming to a conclusion.

Source: YouTube

“He probably wouldn’t settle for the first thing that came to him, but he would pursue something that he found fulfilling,” he muses.

The dog teaches him a few more lessons and his video is incredibly cute, as you can see by pressing play below.