Melani Andrews, who lives in California, was lonely after her husband and dog both passed away. The 72-year-old grandmother had lost both of her loving companions.

Melani’s granddaughters noticed that she wasn’t herself, so they told her that she should get another dog to keep her company. Her previous dog, Lola, had been a valued family member, so Melani knew how much a dog would help keep her spirits up.

jake dog

Melani Andrews

When she arrived at the shelter, she told the staff exactly what type of dog she wanted to adopt: the one that nobody else wanted. She wanted the oldest dog they had — the dog that everyone else passed over and ignored.

jake table

Melani Andrews

Shelter staff led Melani to an area where three small dogs were living. One of the dogs, Jake, immediately perked up. Melani knew he was the one for her.

jake and melani

Melani Andrews

Jake, a 12-year-old terrier, had been picked up as a stray a few months earlier, and he had a lot of health problems. In addition to having terminal skin cancer, Jake was also deaf and partially blind.

melani and jake

Melani Andrews

Melani wasn’t put off by the fact that Jake didn’t have very long to live. She knew they could make the most of whatever life he had left. Obviously, the shelter workers were thrilled that Jake had a new home. They had been hoping that a caring soul like Melani would come rescue him.

melani andrews

Melani Andrews

Jake quickly settled into Melani’s home, and she’s been working hard to give him the life he deserves.

jake bed

Melani Andrews

Melani loves having Jake around, and he’s definitely saved her from her loneliness. This is definitely a case where dog and human really rescued each other!

[H/T: Animal Channel]