Welcome to I Love My Dog So Much! I’m Max, the CEO & Pug of this site, and I’m happy you stopped by! We created this site so that dog lovers (like Dave, who feeds and shelters me and does a few other important things for which I am extremely grateful) everywhere could find, share and enjoy stories, videos and pictures of their dogs. What started out as a simple Facebook page (if you haven’t done so already, please visit and LIKE us!) has grown into a community of over 5.5 million of the most amazing group of dog owners and aficionados around. And we keep growing!

With this site, Dave and I along with the entire I Love My Dog Team hope to keep spreading the love and sharing the most entertaining and dog-friendly content we can find. And we hope you stick around and upload a few pics and stories of your own. And if you don’t own a dog (yet), feel free to browse around and discover why dog-lovers the world over love their dogs so much!

Max, Dave and the I Love My Dog Team


The Canine Council:

Max, CEO & Pug

The Canine Executive Officer, and our fearless leader, Max is one of the brightest individuals we know. This dog knows the internet and marketing “Paws Down”.

He’s known to bark out orders, but usually he helps keep the pack focused, rather than chasing our tails and running in circles. We welcome Max’s talent and know that he will help us guide this company in the right direction.  However, most importantly, Max is the one of the best dogs that a family could ask for…

Cayenne, Vice Pooch of Animal Resources

Cayenne is a 9-year-old Fox Red Labrador Retriever. She was born in Mississippi, but now resides in New Orleans, where she looks after a family of 5 humans. She loves the outdoors and running for miles and will jump in any body of water, large or small, she has even been swimming in the Mississippi River.

Other favorite activities include: jumping off of diving boards, surfing waves, stealing socks (especially from house guests), and licking people who aren’t dog lovers (somehow, she knows). She loves to find a spot of sun on the ground, indoors or outdoors, and take long naps in them.

Solly & Daisy, Chief Barketing Officers

Living in Boston, “The Odd Couple” Solly & Daisy are both rescue dogs with completely opposite personalities. Solly, the 9-year-old pooch is grumpy, hates to retrieve, doesn’t care about toys, loves sleeping on the couch and is happiest rolling in the grass or sand on the beach. Daisy, on the other hand, is a happy, upbeat, 6-year-old yellow lab who loves to retrieve, play with toys, belly flop into the water and swim. But, both dogs do agree on one thing: They love to eat. And don’t worry, this odd couple gets along very well.


Lou, Chief Operating Pawficer

Lou is an Irish Setter who lives and works, yes, he has a job, in Massachusetts. The 2-year-old pooch is a dog school dropout. After completing puppy kindergarten his instructors strongly encouraged him to continue his education, but Lou decided to go to work instead. His “dad,” who just so happens to be the medical director at Brockton Animal Hospital, got him a job at the vet clinic.
Doggie nepotism? No, Lou was really the best candidate. He supervises the break room and ensures the water bowl is always full, dog toys are always available, and the trash empty of edible contents. Edible essentially means empty of everything.