Duo the kitten was born with two faces on one head, caused by a condition called craniofacial duplication, which is commonly known as “Janus.”

Sadly, since she was different from the other kittens, her mom rejected her and refused to nurse her.

If she didn’t get help as soon as possible, she wouldn’t survive, so at just two hours old, she was surrendered to a rescue.

The rescue called veterinarian Ralph Tran, who was in the middle of moving from New York to California. He decided to take her in, otherwise she may be euthanized.

Dr. Ralph Tran fostered her and help save her life, although he wasn’t certain she would make it. But he refused to give up on her.

Tran bottle-fed Duo ’round the clock, and much to his surprise, little Duo began to grow and thrive.

Duo was put on medications for her eye infections and underwent multiple surgeries, which were all a success.

Today, she is completely healed from her surgeries and is a happy and playful cat. Despite having two faces and looking very different on the outside, she isn’t any different on the inside.

Not only did Tran save Duo’s life, but he decided to permanently adopt her!

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