David Cornelius, a Vietnam War veteran, had several service-connected disabilities, which made him dependent on his loyal assistance dog, Juliana. He was in for a rude shock when he was straight-up denied service at a Bentonville hotel because of Juliana.

The hotel stated a no-animals policy as an excuse, and ordered their security staff to kick David out at 3 AM in the morning. David’s attempts to explain the staff about Juliana not being a pet but a service dog went unheard. They spent the rest of the night in David’s car.

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) clearly specifies that a trained service animal used to assist in a disability, cannot be denied entry in a hotel unless they ‘behave in an unacceptable way’. But in tame Juliana’s case, she was denied entry even when David offered to show the paperwork.

We know that certain people misuse the law, but for David’s genuine disabilities, it is a shame to see a veteran like him suffer because of people who are either ill-informed or unwilling to follow the law. We hope this reaches people and spreads awareness about the ADA guidelines on service dogs.

Click the video below to watch the veteran’s heartbreaking plight.