A family was left devastated after their Georgia home went up in flames. Their eight-year-old Shiba Inu was out in the screened-in porch, but the family couldn’t get to him in time before they had to run to safety.

They feared the worst, but their dog, named Taka, somehow escaped the porch by himself and ran to safety down the street. But not before he was badly burned by the fire.

A neighbor found him on the street and immediately brought him to Care More Animal Hospital in Martinez, Georgia.

Taka suffered with severe burns around his eyes, mouth, ears and stomach. His eyes were so badly burned that he wound up going blind. He also had trouble breathing from inhaling so much smoke that they had to hook him up to an oxygen machine.

The medical staff at the hospital has been doing everything possible to help this poor pup. One vet in particular, Emily Martin, has formed a very special bond with Taka. Taka would cry out in pain, but whenever Martin laid down next to him, he would calm down.

Taka’s family wound up surrendering Taka to Martin so that he could get the best help possible. Since then, Dr. Martin has not just been his caretaker, but has treated Taka like he is her own dog.

One night, she brought Taka home with her so he wouldn’t have to stay at the hospital alone. She stayed up all night with him, so when they returned to the hospital the next day, they were both exhausted.

One of Martin’s coworkers caught Martin sleeping next to Taka at the hospital and snapped a photo. The picture is so heartwarming to see and really captures Martin and Taka’s special relationship.

Martin has considered adopting Taka once she is better, but regardless she will help find Taka the best home possible.

In the meantime, Taka still has a long road to recovery ahead of her. As she is healing, she is breaking out of her shell and showing her adorable little personality. She is very friendly and loves belly rubs, and has remained positive despite everything she’s been through.